Monday, May 18, 2020

What is Modular-Finance...

At two meetings at the White House sponsored by the Obama Administration's department of labor, seventy-five people from a variety of organizations and movements gathered to discuss whether or not there needed to be one brand that identifies the emerging new story of business.

While such a brand may someday surface, for our purposes we want to focus on the underlying ideas and principles that are inspiring all this activity.

  That is the purpose of Modular-Finance™

Whatever brand ultimately becomes the rallying cry of this conceptual revolution, it will have to be based on a sense of purpose and ethics that is central to the new narrative as profit is to the old one.

Modern vs Modular

It will have to address how companies can simultaneously create value for all of their key stakeholders. The brand will have to take sustainability and the physical limits of business very seriously. It will have to account for the fact that all businesses are embedded in societal institutions and processes. It will have to recognize that people are complex (vs Rational Expectations) and that they can and do collaborate with others to create value.(Vs Selfish). And it will have to integrate these ideas into a coherent framework.

Getting them to work together - The Balance or the Blend if you will - is what we call - Modular-Finance™

The Five Key Ideas can be found on the right:


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