Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday ~ December 25, 2013

Because we wanted so much that year
and had little. Because the winter phone
for days stayed silent that would call
our father back to work, and he
kept silent too with our mother,
fearfully proud before us.
Because I was young that morning
in grey light untouched on the rug
and our gifts were so few, propped
along the furniture, for a second
my heart fell, then saw how large they made the the spaces between them
to take the place of less. Because
the curtained sun rose brightly
on our discarded paper and the things
themselves, these forty years,
have grown to small to see, the emptiness
measured out remains the gift,
fills the whole room now, that whole year
out across the snowy lawn. Because
a drop of shame burned quietly
in the province of love. Because
we had little that year
and were given much.

(Joseph Enzweiler, 1950-2011)


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